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>A few friends have been asking me, “So when the hell do I get to see you again and it NOT be at Comix?!” No kidding, I thought. So I’m making an effort to carve out time for myself. It started with the leisurely brunch in the City with Scott (we talked some about his career) and will include burgers and beer with Keith tonight (we’ll definitely talk shop) and free tickets to see Judy Gold’s “Jewish Mother” show. It will be the first show I’ve seen in ages that isn’t stand up or at Comix but even still she is a stand up comedian. Baby steps, I guess.

A few marketing/PR blogs and a comedy blog or two picked up my free bag of “weed” stunt and there was a buzz (pun intended) amongst the crowds about the whole idea. Best part is that it resulted in lots of sales and walk up traffic to the box office. Awesome! It’s results like that that encourage me to keep trying to think more creatively.

Christian will be updating his blog from the road documenting his tour with Comedy Central. Here’ s his initial entry which includes a sneak preview of some of the commercials and promo spots that will be running all weekend. He’ll also be writing for CollegeHumor (!!!) and has a piece coming out in the March issue of Penthouse on stands early to mid-February.

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Burgers and beer await!