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>Worst Movie Ever

>Do not waste a second of your life on Darkness. I, unfortunately, neglected to check the trusty metacritic to learn this for myself (it scored a dismal 11 out of 100) and wasted two hours of my life wondering if a *free* movie is really *free* when it is that dreadful.

It was so bad, the 9 year old kid behind us complained to his adult companion, “Next time, I pick the movie!”

News Update

Here’s a follow up article on last week’s report of laser beams being used against commercial airliners.

Ballyhoo Stuff

Christian Finnegan’s New Year’s Resolutions were published on His interview with Modest Proposal should be published soon as well. I’ve got two other interviews and a photo shoot in the works. Come February, i his face will be plastered all over this great nation of ours.


In fact, the time you spent reading this entry and thinking of that movie is more time than it deserves. Drek!