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>Wow, It’s One Heck of a Summer!

>Beginning August 19th, I’ll be writing a comedy gossip column that will appear in Metro. Send me your comedy tips, sightings & gossip to me so we can help spread the good word about working comedians. They don’t get enough ink in my opinion.

Seth Rogan‘s taping was fun. Dude is a gen-u-ine total stoner. I’m not sure when XM will air it but I’m guessing soon. I taped a little promo piece for it that we’ll run in the showroom and put online. That could take a while to edit, though, based on our current tech schedule. Just not enough hours!

Baron Vaughn, recently seen in the musical hit Damn Yankees with Sean Hayes and Jane Krakowski, has agreed to direct me in an as of yet non-existent one person show that I want to produce in conjunction with my book. Besides being a talented comedian and actor, he directed Livia Scott in her acclaimed show “Goodnight OJ” and will be working with Carolyn Castiglia on her show that will be staged at Ars Nova. We have our first meeting next week. Time to get cracking on some ideas.

In random news, I think I was misquoted in the NY Press review of a show in which Christian performed. Here is the quote:

“I’m just glad he didn’t go into my dad being in jail for attempted murder,” his wife Kambri confided after the show.

That quote just doesn’t even make sense. First, because Christian DOES talk about my dad on occasion in his set. He has for well over a year and a half. So why would I be glad he didn’t? Second, every time he DOES talk about my dad, it’s basically a free endorsement / plug for my site / book. Third, after the show I met up with my agent who randomly happened to be there and went to dinner. I don’t mind the misquote (ink is ink), but it just struck me as odd.

Umm, what else? Jim Breuer is headlining tonight thru Saturday. Tune in to Opie & Anthony tomorrow morning to hear him on the air from 8:00 – 9:00 and get tickets at

Finally, God’s Pottery is on the season finale of Last Comic Standing tonight. They open the show with a new song they wrote for NBC. Pretty exciting!