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You MUST go to Tribeca Cinemas and watch these films. Everyone there — and I mean everyone — was thoroughly impressed by the work of all these young directors. One film in particular, The Plunge, was a favorite amongst me and my guests. We were excited to meet and talk with the director, Todd Schulman, to find out what he is doing now because, surely, he is going places. Turns out, he now lives in LA and is working on Borat, a movie based on a character in Da Ali G Show with Sacha Baron Cohen.

The whole night was a success and the folks at Chamberlain Bros. were such a treat. I hope to pitch a book idea to them by summer — an idea that has about a 98% chance of getting picked up by some publisher — just so I can see them again.

Tribeca Cinemas is an incredible party space of any type, but, obviously, perfect for a screening. It’s real downfall is the bathroom. Only one room. For everyone. It actually never seemed to be a problem, but come on…one room? For everyone?

I was given the first two seasons of 24 on DVD and completed them BOTH in the span of about a week and a half. That’s alot of tense conspiratorial television for one person. It has made such an impact on me, I called the guest of honor Roger Corman “Roger Stanton” by mistake. Ugh. Luckily he is one of the most gracious, kindest men I’ve met. He also gave a truly well planned and thoughtful introduction to each and every film and its director. Considering his unbelievably long career, he could have phoned it in and no one would have minded. Knowing this, having him go over and above the call of duty was a special treat.

View pictures of the evening over on Rachel’s site.

Season 3 of 24 is due to arrive Monday. See you in a week.