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>Writer’s Block Obliterated

>I’m reading On Writing by Stephen King which I’m thoroughly enjoying. In it, he talks about having a quiet place to write. I know this to be true since my chirping birds, barking / whining/ horny dog, cable TV and internet provide me with constant interruptions. I haven’t been able to write at home as a result. I’ve been unhappy with Chapter One and have been stuck on just where do I want to start. I wish I could retreat to Sherry Weaver‘s cabin as she so generously provided to David Dickerson and would kindly offer to me. However, work here in the city beckons. Sigh.

So, I’ve been trekking around Astoria with Christian‘s old Mac laptop (he bought himself the MacBook Air–sleek!) in search of a quiet corner with an outlet where I can write and tune out with my iPod. His old laptop has internet connection problems which means no browsing endless open house listings, Facebook and MySpace pages. Just me and the page. I’ve tried my favorite local haunts like Cafe Bar (too hectic and tends to have children runnig around), Cup Diner (only one outlet in an area they close when it’s slow), and a few other places all with their negatives.

Then finally I went to a place that had what I wanted: an outlet that is always available, food and drinks, giant glasses of water, nothing of interest going on to distract me and lets me sit quietly with my iPod.

I plugged in and typed away on a new Chapter One and it was good. So, I went back and it was better. And, last night it was magical. My agent loves it. LOVES it. And so do I. I could *feel* it as I was typing. I texted Christian, “ohmygod I’m writing a fu*king masterpiece in god damned Applebees.”

Yes, Applebees is where the magic happens. I guess I should be happy I found a place where the words flowed freely. But do I really want a plaque on their wall commemorating it? Hrrrrmmmm.

I really do love my new chapter and will go back there as many times as it takes! Even though, I’m not done with King’s book, I highly recommend it as a writer’s tool / interesting read.

Getting a haircut Tuesday. Thinking of cutting it short like back in the day.