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>I left the house calling out to Christian, “Bye, honey. I’m off to go fail upwards!” It’s a quote from a little pep talk he gave me a long time ago when I was just forming Ballyhoo Promotions. “Life is full of frustrating disappointments, lost opportunities and little failures but the key is we keep failing upwards.” Basically meaning that sure he might not get the part but the point is he was up for a role in an Eddie Murphy movie. Or I might not yet be able to snag a big client like say, Ri*hard L*wis, but Ri*hard knows who I am and would vouch for my work.

Turns out, I didn’t fail yesterday. I just have a lot of work ahead of me. After discussing my memoir proposal, the literary agent said, “Let’s get this ball rolling!” The publishing industry is virtually dead in the summertime so I am going to spend the next two months trying to write like a mad woman. I certainly was not in the position to meet with book agents 10 years ago or even 5 years ago. So even if I do fail at that and nothing ever comes of the proposal, I will have failed upwards.

With another visit to My Jailed Deaf Dad right around the corner, I hope to have some fresh new perspective and inspiration though I will NOT be smuggling in any more contraband. Yes, Dad, I am a “pussy” as you declared the last time I saw you.

Later I enjoyed wine on the roof of the Hotel Gansevoort with some lovely PR women who have some clients that could work well for future collaborations with me and Comix. If you haven’t been there, I recommend it for the amazing view, and I don’t mean the wet men walking around in open bath robes after having taken a dip in the pool. Eew. Ick.

I bolted from there over to the Barrow Street Theater with my friend Julie who was reviewing a rock operetta about the last year in the life of MLK, Jr. No, your eyes do not deceive you. I won’t say more and will instead direct you to her review when it hits the Associated Press’ wire. I liked being her plus one. She had a reporter’s pad and a copy of the script. I’m jealous.

I want an AP reporter pad!