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>You Snooze, You Lose

>24 hours back and already too busy to type properly. There’s a lot of hodge podge in this post. Sorry.

Got my accumulated vacation mail which included a birthday card from My Jailed Deaf Dad. It’s awesome:

Cover: “Birthday Wishes”
Inside: “If flowers were wishes
that could come true,
I’d pick the biggest bouquet for you.

Have a Great Birthday”

Then he hand wrote:
“34 years old.
June 21st?
Love Dad

P.S. Hello Christian Be bad boy. Ha (Joking)”

What’s he saying here? You’re old. When’s your birthday exactly? And, oh yeah, tell your boyfriend to get crazy (just kidding, kind of). My dad rules. Seriously, I find this card exceedingly charming.

Here’s the most unintentionally ironic card he ever wrote.

Moving on…

Rule of 3 Productions has completed casting for their Fringe Festival production. Here’s the website for the show: The fundraising party — band, quiz show, stand up and more — is confirmed for August 1st at Siberia from 6:30 to 10:30. Save the date and time. Gift bag contributions and raffle prizes are needed, so if you have any ideas or tips, please send them my way.

Tomorrow in DC, Christian will headline at the Progressive Student Initiative Launch Party. After all the help getting him this gig, I miss the darn thing and the opportunity to tag along during the tour of the Senate offices, meetings with various VIPs and his performance, of course. After reading that slutty book (see somewhere below…no time to make a silly link to yesterday that no one will follow), I made sure to book him on a prompt return flight.

In truth, he wanted to be home in time to perform at the final comedy show EVER at the Ye Olde Tripple Inn, a dumpy dive of a place where so many famous people have bombed dreadfully. Hosted by the lovely Susie Felber and featuring too many amazing talents to mention. Join us, won’t you? Here’s Susie’s post with much better info and here’s a nice tribute by their pal Eric Drysdale.

Part time gig update:
First fundraiser for a congressman is set for the 18th of July. Don’t know anyone’s name or how anyone operates. Oof. Met a million people today and *maybe* two smiled. The woman who took me around showing me various things of importance (bathroom, kitchen, hanging rope) was very pleasant. Her office pal “Aria”, to whom I was introduced earlier, gave the woman a surprise coffee tea treat dessert thing. Nice. Well, nice for the woman. Never in a million years would I give a treat to someone right next to another someone without giving that other someone a treat, too. Or maybe a mortified, “Oh, I’m sorry! I should have gotten you something.” I bet she’s a center stall user, too.

But there’s free juice of amazing varieties and I’m two subway stops closer to home. That’s a 20 minute commute folks.

20 minute commute in New York Freaking City!