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>You’ve Got Mail!

>I wish I could share some of the crazy email we get. We get lots of really great mail from people wanting my or Christian’s advice, publicity services, or just saying hello or a kind word about our blogs, writing, performances or whatever. I love reading through them and we try to answer them all in a timely fashion. There are rare occasions, too, where Christian will get hate mail, but that has only happened once or twice in the three years. My favorite mail is from gay men to Christian expressing their infatuation for him and disappointment in his hetero status. HA! Sorry, Suckahs!

Then there’s this fraction of correspondence that just boggles the mind. Some are written so incoherently the writer must be on hard core drugs, others are so rude it’s as though they’re trying to get a response the way a kid might throw a tantrum — any attention is better than no attention, right? Less rude but an annoying pet peeve of mine is calling Christian “Chris” or me “Kam” — Why would you shorten “Kambri”? It’s awesome, as is. But that’s a rant for another day.

Lately people have taken to writing Christian or commenting on his MySpace page about his weight loss. It became such a frequent topic, he wrote a blog entry about it. Lots of demands like “Eat a sandwich!” and declarations of “You were cuter fat!” Here’s one of the nicer examples:

Christian – You have lost way too much weight without addressing it publicly. It means you’re on coke. Sober up, man. Things aren’t looking good.

I’m actually surprised at how many people have such strong feelings about someone else’s weight. Why do you think this is? Let’s discuss.