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>Zowie! What a Day!

>If tomorrow goes according to Hoyle I will kiss Danny B*naduce’s feet a dozen times. That’s how crazy hectic the day is and how unlikely I think it is that not a thing goes wrong. It was a big dance I orchestrated and zapped my entire day away and included me being berated by one understandably angry producer. I have at least 28 other shows I’m promoting over the next four weeks. Guess how much attention they got? Oy. Anyway, tune in to the CW11, Good Day NY and Adam Corolla’s show in the morning. In the afternoon we hit a gamillion Sirius shows after which I head to Mo Pitkin’s for “Don’t Touch Me There”. Then I head BACK to Comix to catch the end of Danny’s first show and hang with the “Mik* & Juli*t” peeps before meeting C**per Lawrence after her radio show ends at 10:00 PM. Yeah, a 4:30 AM till 12:00 AM schedule means I overbooked myself but, hey, I’ll sleep when I’m dead. And C**per and I are meeting over coffee so that was a smart move.

Luckily Natalia is the most able bodied assistant/publicist and came in today to help on Le Chuckle Hut, Christian’s out of town press and Lisa Levy’s You Bet Your Life Live which premieres at Mo Pitkins on October 2nd. Cash and prizes are at stake, people! I’ll be there…you can bet your life on it. Heh. Sorry.