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Publishers Weekly Profile

I received another amazing review for BURN DOWN THE GROUND from Publishers Weekly in which they describe it as “a remarkable odyssey of scorched earth, collateral damage, and survival.” They also called it a “harrowing memoir” and an “extraordinary story” and said I “face the truth with an unflinching eye.” Whoa. (Click here to read in full.)

Publishers Weekly Profile

Can someone show me how to sew words into a quilt? I need to wrap myself up in these for when I’m down on myself. Alternately, if there’s a recipe that melts words into a silicone penis that I could make sweet love to, that’d be swell, too.

My friend Rachel said Stephen King doesn’t even get this much ink. I said I hope Mr. King reads it and is like, “Who the fu*k is Kambri Crews & why is she getting more ink than me?!” Then he’ll read my book, share it with his movie producing buddies, take me under his wing and host dinner parties with me as his special guest at his place in Maine where he lets me use his guest room and stay as long as I want because we have become as close as mentors/proteges can be without any hanky panky.


Meanwhile, if you’re on, my publisher is hosting a giveaway. It’s free & simple to enter.

And here’s a link to the original review from Publishers Weekly published a couple of weeks ago.


  • Kambri

    Working on a way to use my crockpot and/or my new soap-making skills to get those words into form.

    One of the Fanning girls would have been great as the young me but now I think they’re getting too old.

    For the adult me, Charlize Theron would be perfect since her mom killed her dad during a domestic violence incident. Perfect, no?

  • Stacey G.

    I’ve heard that King is not very complimentary of authors who get more ink than him. Maybe focus on Koontz. And if you figure out how to make that dildo, I want to be your manager!!!

    Congrats KC!! Who would you want to play you in the movie version of your book?

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