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Repurposed Yankee Candle Jar

I’ve held on to some empty Yankee Candle jars knowing they’d be good for something, but the adhesive they use on their labels was impossible for me to remove. It’s stickier than a whore in a honey factory. Sorry, I don’t know why I went there.

I didn’t use the jars because the leftover gunk made them ugly and tacky (tacky, in the sticky sense. I didn’t want to use the word “sticky” again and, well, now I’ve gone and used it twice.)

So, the jars. Sticky and ugly. Years pass.

Today, I got creative (i.e., procrastinating from things I should be doing) and decided to dig out the jars and try cleaning them again. Lo! [Insert sound of clouds parting and angels with trumpets doing their thang.] It turns out Tea Tree Oil is the rubbing the jars needed. It wasn’t like a Pledge commercial where it’s Swish! One swipe and all the dirt is gone. But it didn’t require a ton of elbow grease or time. Cleaned and dried, I added a chalkboard label from a pack Christian got me for Christmas. (True love, people.) Now I’ve got a jar that’s full of ideas.
Old Yankee Candle Jar  Tools Needed Idea Jar

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  • Daniel

    Good idea Kambri. I’m about to start repurposing my Yankee Candle jars in all three sizes. Reusing them is even better than recycling them!

    For what it’s worth, WD40 usually removes label adhesives. Obviously it smells a lot worse than tea tree oil, but it’s also dirt cheap. There are also some citrus-based adhesive removers that work well.

    • Kambri Crews

      Hadn’t heard of using WD40 for that. Good to know. A few months after this post, I rented a space in Queens that I turned into a performance space ( Its large storefront windows were covered in vinyl decals that were glued to the windows and I used tea tree oil once again. So great, much nicer to smell and I don’t have to worry about it messing up my fingers and skin.

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