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I’m busy with work, of course, but also the onslaught of television worth watching like the Golden Globes, American Idol, four hours of 24, and my obsession with Forensic Files and The Investigators. Normally I don’t have time for or care to watch this much television but I’ve been so stressed and tense lately (four months of hardcore work will do that, I guess) that I’m finding it a nice escape.

Somehow I also managed to read Freakanomics (good but too similar to the Tipping Point) design Comix’s newsletter template (basically The Latest Ballyhoo) and splend plenty of dining, laughing and drinking time with Tex in the City friends Greg, Scott & Brian, Molly and slew of others. Good times but it makes me long for a candlelit bath and wine. Speaking of which…

Okay, no time for the bath…

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